Tiled Roof Profile :

A unique offering that can tastefully replace the traditional Mangalore tiles with the guarantee of enhanced life (of precoated steel/aluminium), while retaining the aesthetic appeal. A true blend of tradition and technology.
Material : Pre-painted (Zn/Al-Zn coated) Steel & Aluminum
Colours : As per RAL colour / Our standard colour chart
Effective Width : 950mm Strong and durable steel roof tile.

It is quick to install, easy to handle and transport. It is designed to provide aesthetic look to a building.


  • Residential - Row Houses, Bung alows, etc.
  • Commercial - Shopping Centers, Resorts, Hotels, etc.
  • Industrial - Porches, sloped roof slabs, etc.
  • Institutional - Colleges, School Building, etc.
  • Agriculture - Farm Houses, etc.


  • Long Lasting
  • Strong & Light Weight
  • Better Corrosion Resistance
  • Better Thermal Efficiency
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Material Specification:

Sheet Thickness 0.50 mm TCT (Premium)
Standard Sheet Length 1830 mm (6 ft), 2440 mm (8 ft), 3050 mm (10 ft), 3660 mm (12 ft),4270 mm (14 ft), 4880 mm (16ft)
Overall Profile Width 1090 mm
Effective Cover Width 1000 mm
Min. Roof Slope 15 degrees
Rib Height 28 mm
Min. Span 1000 mm
Strength of RM G300
Pitch/ Steps 200 mm (Standard)

150 mm, 250 mm (Optional*)

*Sheet length in feet is approximate value
Tiled Roof Profile