Color Coated Galvanised Galvalume Sheets trapezoidal profiles are used for widely diverse applications. As they have large range of geometric designs, they offer variety of architectural possibilities. Color Coated Galvanised Galvalume Sheets trapezoidal profiles are supplied not only in different sections and thickness but also in various heights and required dimensions. They are suitable for use as Roof and Wall Panels, in single or double shell construction.

The steel sheets are galvanized and coated with RMP/SMP/HDP/PVF2 and the basic steel used in the processing are galvanized as per are 277 with zinc coating around. These are available in different sizes as per client specification.

We do manufacture curve sheets which are also called as crimp curve upto 8 metres. We do also manufacture supporting accessories which are necessary for an industrial shed namely

  • Water gutter
  • Down spot
  • Barge cap
  • Ridges
  • Corner Flashings
  • Drip trim
Galvalume Sheets, Colour Coated Profile
Galvalume Sheets

Technical Specification for Roofing Sheets:

We specialize in PPGI and PPGL Sheets which are made of world class raw material complying with the international standards. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, these Sheets have become the most preferred material for various construction purposes, particularly roofing and wall cladding. Coated Steel Sheet is a unique building material that combines the strength of steel with excellent corrosion protection of zinc or zinc/aluminum alloy coatings. It can be punched, pressed, roll formed and joined into a countless number of structural and decorative building products. Our PPGI and PPGL Sheets are available in various colors – Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Taurus Blue, Off White Terra Cotta Red, and Mist Green etc…

  • Pre Painted Galvanized Sheets
  • Pre Color Coated Galvalume Sheets
  • Bare Galvalume Sheets
Color Coated Roofing Sheet Manufacturer
We do supply skylights

We can supply all colours as per RAL like:

Color Coated Roofing Sheet Manufacturer Maharastra

  • Blue
  • Mist Green
  • Autumn Red
  • Terra Coated Red
  • Half-White
  • Tarrus Blue
  • Grey
  • Dark Blue
  • Beize
  • Bare Galvalume
Colour Coated Profile in Vapi
Colour Coated Profile in Gujrat

  • Continuous length profile
  • Light weight
  • High Strength
  • Economical
  • Aluminum Zinc Steel   Galvanized
  • Steel Sheets
  • Option of wide Colour range

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reduced Fixing Time
  • Approximately Half The Carrying Structure Compared To Clay/ Concrete Tiles
  • Reduced Transportation  Costs
  • Profile Provide Excellent Spanning Ability And Remarkable Recovery
  • After Excessive Load
  • The Long Spanning  Ability And More Cove Range Per Unit Mass Permit
  • Wide Support Spacing Enabling Supporting Structure Economies
  • Provides A Life Long Roofing Products
  • (No Replacement Headaches)
  • Invaluable Asset In Designing And Creativity
Colour Coated Profile